This is what Tag Heuer’s smartwatch looks like for over 2,000 euros

The limited Super Mario watch has all sorts of references to the color of his headgear: bright red. (Photo: Tag Heuer)

Super Mario is supposed to encourage its wearers to exercise more inside. However, it comes at a high price.

To mark the start of a new collaboration, Nintendo and the Swiss watch manufacturer Tag Heuer have presented a limited edition smartwatch. The noble timepiece revolves around the most famous figure of the Japanese games company: Super Mario. It meets the Tag Heuer Connected X smart watch series. The result: a luxury smart watch with all sorts of cute comic elements.

Limited version run is already beginning

According to Tag Heuer boss Frédéric Arnault, the idea came from the desire to design new wellness functions in a playful way. He says: “Super Mario came straight to our minds. (…) Mario is the ultimate super-active character whose perseverance and tenacity get him out of every situation. ”In the end, that’s who Tag Heuer Connected X Super Mario Limited Edition come out. It offers all kinds of external and internal Mario details and is limited to 2,000 copies. From July 15, interested parties can purchase the watch in selected boutiques and the online shop. The US price is said to be $ 2,150, in this country a similar amount in euros is expected. The watch can already be pre-ordered.

The timer on the Tag Heuer page tells you when the final run on the limited version will start. (Screenshot: Tag Heuer / t3n)

Not everything is mario red

In addition to subtle references such as bezel divisions, pushers and crown logo in the red lacquer color of the Mario hat, the watch has three special dials with the character of a game. One shows him as a large figure in the background to a digital display, there are also two chrono dials with smaller likenesses. One works with a wide retro digital display in the style of the 80s. In addition, the manufacturer has engraved the iconic M on the crown. The Super Mario watch comes with two bracelets, the buckles of which are also adorned with the letter. One has a black leather layer on red rubber. The other is intended to serve as a sports version and is made of the same material without a top layer. The whole thing is rounded off by special packaging in the combined Nintendo style and a bright red travel case for the precious timepiece.

The Tag Heuer Connected X Super Mario comes out as a limited edition. (Photo: Tag Heuer)

A cranked plumber should keep things moving

Core aspect of the wear OS based fitness software are the step goals. If you get ahead with your project, the Super Mario Smartwatch rewards you with all sorts of funny animations. A mushroom from the game lets Mario grow, later the wearer receives: an invincibility star – to name two examples. According to the manufacturer, it is considering making the Mario elements available to other Connected editions at a later date. However, Tag Heuer’s sports app can do more and, if desired, provides detailed performance data on the types of movement running, swimming, cycling, hiking and fitness. Golfers access the special golf app, which can provide strategic tips for the game.

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