This is what the collaboration between Tesla and PUBG looks like

Over the past few years, Tesla has repeatedly given video games a place in its models. Now the opposite is the way to go.

The multiplayer shooter “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds”, PUBG for short, was also released in 2018 as a mobile version for iOS and Android and has enjoyed great popularity ever since. The battle royale genre is on the rise, not least thanks to games like PUBG and Fortnite. Also “Assassin’s Creed” wants in the future towards Battle Royale walk.

It is logical that such games are also interesting for companies, as they can generate a lot of attention. The e-car provider Tesla and its collaboration with PUBG Mobile have also recognized this announced. With the latest update of the game, Tesla content will also find its way into the popular shooter.

Gigafactory, Model Y und Semi-Truck

Tesla’s Gigafactory has recently appeared on the map. Players can enter the factory and start producing their own Tesla Model Y. To do this, all the switches on the various assembly lines have to be activated and the process starts. It can be observed how the robot gripper arms assemble the body step by step and finally mount it from the treadmill onto the chassis. For the final touches, there is a fresh paint job and the car is ready to drive.

The gamers can enter with their characters and race directly through the virtual world and complete missions. The integrated autopilot is particularly practical. This can be activated on the highways that can be recognized on the map in order to guide the players directly to a preset marker without having to steer manually. Particularly effective for drive-by shoots from the passenger window.

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In addition to the Model Y, Tesla’s semi electric truck is also included in the game. The truck drives autonomously along certain routes and can be attacked to receive boxes with objects.

Not a surprising partnership

Tesla’s penetration into the video game sector may be an interesting move, but it also becomes all the more understandable when you see who is behind PUBG Mobile. In addition to the Korean developer studio PUBG Corporation and Microsoft’s US studios, the Chinese company Tencent Games is also one of the publishers. The Chinese are also one of Tesla’s major shareholders.

Gaming is becoming increasingly important at Tesla anyway. Just recently, CEO Elon Musk announced that the new Model S Gaming on the level of the Playstation 5 could offer.

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