This SUPER home automation power strip with Alexa will amaze you

At the sight it is a common one ciabatta with three Schuko (“German”) sockets available. The four USB sockets do not deceive: they are only a useful surplus and little else. This Meross slipper, on the other hand, it has much more to make available: it is an exceptional device in which both functionality and price will amaze you.

In short, do not be fooled by appearances: the uniqueness of the product lies precisely in the way it hides its smart functions in the body of a very common slipper.

Meross, the slipper is smart

The Meross smart power strip, in fact, it has an important virtue: it is compatible with both Alexa than with Google Assistant. In short, the power strip can respond to voice commands and allow interaction “home automation”With the elements powered. But the advantage is still another: every single Schuko socket available is controllable, therefore it is possible to manage every single device and not only the multi-socket in its entirety. This element makes the multipresa Meross particularly useful as it not only allows you to power multiple devices, but allows you to individually control the on / off status.

The dedicated app produced by Meross also allows the remote management of the power strip: a smartphone will be enough to be able to switch on and off remotely, controlling the individual devices (lights, appliances, air conditioners or whatever) in a real home automation logic. Thanks to the “Timer” function, moreover, it is possible to decide from the app what to turn on, from what time, to what time: a precise control linked to an automatism, in short, which can also be optimized by linking the rhythms to the sunrise / sunset cycle or to functions random to simulate a presence in the house.

Meross smart power strip

Not only is the price more than valid (35.99 euros for a smart power strip with surge protection), but it is also possible to access a 10 euro coupon activated with a click. The end result is a price equal to 25.99 euros for a slipper superior to any other.

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