TikTok: 3-minute videos for all users

TikTok extends the maximum length of videos.

TikTok says users will receive a notification to let them know that the long format is available. © bloomicon / stock.adobe.com

Longer videos on TikTok

In December 2020, TikTok was testing a longer content format from a panel of creators around the world. In one blog post, the social network announces today that it will deploy this new format to all users “Over the next few weeks”. On the program: the possibility of recording videos of up to 3 minutes. This option would come in the form of an extension, so TikTok users would have the choice of staying on a short or more extended format. With long videos, the social network hears: “Give a little more time for cooking recipes, elaborate beauty tutorials, educational lesson plans”.

Regarding the deployment, the social network indicates that users will be warned: “You will receive a notification that long videos are now part of your creative toolkit”.

What changes for users?

1 minute videos made TikTok popular. The short and impactful format combined with the infinite scroll were the two ingredients to captivate its audience. Deploying a longer format may change the way videos are consumed on the feed. For content creators who used to tell anecdotes broken down into several parts to retain their followers, it will be necessary to compete in creativity. While Instagram advertises a new strategy to compete with TikTok, the latter seems to want to diversify its content and offer more possibilities to its users.

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