TikTok: artificial intelligence for sale

ByteDance opened the division a few days ago BytePlus. As you can read about official site, its main business is the sale of the famous artificial intelligence algorithm that it is used on TikTok to suggest videos to users. Third-party companies can also purchase machine translation and real-time effects creation technologies.

ByteDance sells artificial intelligence

The suggestion algorithm is the “heart” of TikTok. Thanks to this technology, the social network shows an endless list of videos that cause a kind of addiction among the very young. ByteDance had explained its operation about a year ago. The “recommendation system”, used for the feed For You, shows relevant videos based on the user’s initial settings (language, country, categories of interest) and subsequent interactions with the content (views, likes, comments and others).

The technology behind the algorithm is now offered by BytePlus at third party companies. Of course, you can customize the algorithm for their apps and customers. The novelty is actually a surprise because a law introduced in China ad august 2020 prohibits the export of some technologies without specific authorization. The TikTok algorithm could also fall into this category.

BytePlus also offers automatic translation technologies (text, voice and images), video effects and tools for data analysis. Clients include Goat, WeGo, Chilibeli, GamesApp, Webuy and Lark. President Biden has revoked the ban for TikTok in early June, after having suspended the sale to Oracle and Walmart.

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