TikTok will allow you to add “mini apps” to your videos

The function will be called Jumps and will allow users to integrate content developed by third-party companies into their videos

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TikTok announced which will launch a new feature that will allow users to add small apps, called Jumps, to their videos on the platform, to enrich the content.

When they watch a video that uses a Jump, the viewers they will see a button at the bottom of the screen. Clicking will open the content in a new screen within TikTok. Creators making a video will be able to choose a Jump to add to customize the content that viewers will see after tapping the button.

TikTok wrote that they worked with a select group of companies to develop Jumps, such as Whisk and Tabelog. In its announcement, TikTok states that other companies like BuzzFeed and Irl will also have their own Jumps soon. The platform is also opening these applications to developers who want to create their own features. TikTok explained to The Verge that anyone can apply, but the company will evaluate submissions based on how useful these programs are to its viewers.

TikTok’s intention is to provide users with content “Engaging and informative”. Whoever clicks on these links will be able to “explore recipes, take quizzes, discover helpful learning tools, and more”, Reads the post with which the Jumps were announced. Also according to TikTok the uses of this new function they are almost unlimited”.

However, the app owned by ByteDance is not the first to develop such a feature. Snapchat already has a similar one, called Minis, which allows users to share and use small apps and games with friends. Both allow you to create these mini apps in Html5 format, a relatively simple language for those familiar with web development.

They are currently available for testing sei Jumps which will be usable by all TikTok users who are members of the platform’s Creator fund.

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