TikTok’s artificial intelligence accessible to third-party companies

TikTok’s artificial intelligence-based technologies are now available under license. One more weapon in the face of competition and additional income for ByteDance.

TikTok is an extremely popular platform today. A frank success that it owes to its concept of short videos on a musical background. But to make it all work, and especially to recommend videos that might be of interest to the user, the algorithms use theartificial intelligence. Its technologies are now offered under license to interested companies.

TikTok technologies now licensed

TikTok’s artificial intelligence hasn’t been a secret for some time. And since today, it is offered on the market. The Financial Times has learned that TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, has launched in secrecy, so to speak, a division called BytePlus to sell TikTok’s technology, including the recommender algorithm. Customers can also purchase computer vision technology, real-time effects, automated translations, and more.

One more weapon in the face of competition and additional income for ByteDance

BytePlus was created in June, it is based in Singapore and is notably present in Hong Kong and London. The company is said to be in the process of filing a number of trademarks in the United States, but the report does not specify whether it already has a presence in the country.

BytePlus would already have a few customers, including the American application dedicated to Goat fashion, which already uses code from BytePlus. Just like the company of e-commerce Indonesian Chilibeli and WeGo travel site.

ByteDance has not commented on its intentions for this new BytePlus subsidiary.

Such an initiative is not surprising, even if it were to take away the cachet of TikTok somewhat. This could help ByteDance to compete with giants like Amazon, Microsoft and other companies that sell their tools to professionals. It could also serve as a cover. TikTok and its Chinese equivalent Douyin would be quite close to a stable level, economically speaking, offering their technologies to third parties could make it possible to bring in more money.

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