TikTok’s best videos of 2021

TikTok unveiled user preferences on the platform in 2021 through several categories, such as videos, but also music or the most used filters.

TikTok unveils its ranking of the most popular videos in 2021 and many other categories. © TikTok

Most viewed videos in the stream For You in 2021

The TikTok Video Stream For You groups the videos recommended to users based on what they watch on the platform and is unique for each user. The social network unveils the 10 most watched videos in 2021 in the United States of the stream For You and the top 5 most viewed in the world. On the program: dance, humor, animals and satisfying videos.

Top 10 videos For You most watched in the United States

1/ @totouchanemu- Drone Dancing

@totouchanemuI may not have @maxtaylorlifts dumpy but I do have a drone.♬ STAY – The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber

2/ @chipmunksoftiktok – Squishy the Chipmunk hiding nuts in his mouth

@chipmunksoftiktokFill the cheeks Squishy, fill the cheeks #fyp #animals #nature #cuteanimals #squishy #chipmunk♬ original sound – Chipmunks of TikTok

3/ @_catben_ – Restocking at its finest

@_catben_Random restocks & refills around the house🤩🤩🤩 #refill #restock #organizedhome #momlife #thisandthatwithcat #asmr♬ original sound – Catherine Benson

4/ @my_aussie_gal – Dog painting

@my_aussie_galSecrets first flower!🌻♬ everything sucks – vaultboy

5/ @zachking – Zach King disappearing into his art

@zachkingNever walk on someone’s #chalk #art♬ original sound – Zach King

6/ @tracy.oj – The original « Woman » dance video

@tracy.ojHow did I- !!!😳 Anyways dc: me♬ Woman – Doja Cat

7/ @chaotticgoood – Please don’t go

@chaotticgooodRoadtrip with da bestie 😌✨💞 #fyp #YesDayChallenge #foryoupage♬ Please Don’t Go – Mike Posner

8/ @felixgabrielmusic – Here comes the boy musical edition

@felixgabrielmusicReply to @kimbokak THANK U GUYS FOR ALL THE LOVE, WASNTING EXPECTING TO WAKE UP TO THIS BUT TY #piano #catsoftiktok #music♬ Here Comes the Boy – Felix Gabriel

9/ @sunisalee_ – Sunisa Lee celebrating her gold

@sunisalee_on top of the world rn♬ Why are ppl using this – 🤍🕊

10/ @zeddywill – Bro who got you smiling like that?

@zeddywillyk its serious when yu smile at da phone 😂😂😂😂 #fyp #comedy #zeddywill♬ original sound – aka CBANDZZZ 🗣

Top 5 videos For You most viewed in the world

1/ @totouchanemu – Dancing with a drone made us stay for this one

2/ @nathanevanss – There once was a man… The Sea Shanty heard around the world

3/ @youneszarou – A tasty take on photography

4/ @cunhalucass – A casual trip to the aquarium

5/ @azyx – BRB, changing my PFP

The funniest videos and good vibes of the year 2021 on TikTok

In its ranking, TikTok also compiles a list of the most laughing videos. “This year, Animals, Family Time, and Adorable Kids are some of the most popular content categories and thrilled our global community.”, specifies the social network.

The top 10 laughter videos in the United States

1/ @saveafox.rescue – A joyful fox

@saveafox.rescue#Finneganfox #Happy♬ original sound – Mikayla Raines

2/ @sarahforwarkholden – Baby laughs for the first time

@sarahforwarkholden#firsttiktok #babytiktok #babylaughter #babylaugh #babyfirstlaugh #firsttimemom #wholesometiktok♬ original sound – Sarah Holden

3/ @valentinebrothers – Family hide and seek

@valentinebrothersZach isn’t the best at hiding 😂 #downsyndrome #brotherlove #wholesome♬ Treasure#1 – Bruno Mars

4/ @jongraz – Is it a bones or no bones day?

@jongrazhappy Monday from Grandma’s house! 🦴🔮🦴 #bonesday #nobones #mondaymotivation #pug #noodletok♬ original sound – Jonathan

5/ @Pudgywoke – Pudgy thanks the audience


6/ @missgunn2u – Child shark is hungry

@ missgunn2u😂😂😂 I love him…. #son #kids #thebest #fyp #emoji♬ original sound – I love my son

7/ @camifrobabe – Saying goodbye to grandpa

@camifrobabeWhen you have to say goodbye to your best friend, Grandpa. 😭😫😭♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

8/ @andreas.choice – The cats want to come into the room

@andreas.choiceAm I too late for this one? 🚪🐱 #clingypet #rescuecatsoftiktok #melaninmagic♬ original sound – Scott Tavlin

9/ @haylinic – Wife scratches off telling her husband she’s pregnant of her to-do list

@haylinicEVERY girl deserves a reaction like this… 🤰🏻💜 #pregnant #pregnancyannouncement♬ original sound – Hayli Baez

10/ @deannagiulietti – Creator commits to the dress

@deannagiuliettiShe is righting her wrongs. #ootd #gown #dress #designer #love #laugh #comedy #jokes #happy #model #happy #good vibes #fashion♬ original sound – Deanna Giulietti

Top 5 videos that made users laugh the most around the world

1/ @k_passionate – Wonder what a sea otter and you smiling sounds like? Watch this

2/ @jongraz – Was it a bones or no bones day? Only a pug can tell

3/ @edsheeran – Rehearse for your EUROs show or make a TikTok?

4/ @randyfeltface – Only on TikTok will you find a puppet feeding a giraffe carrots

5/ @noorstars – Visiting a family with too many house rules

The most used music in TikTok videos in 2021

The music that will have punctuated the flow For You show a real eclecticism in the choice and preferences of users. The ranking reveals a mix of styles from pop to classical music, via rap or electro, popular or emerging artists.

Top 10 User Favorite Music in the United States

1/ « Adderall (Corvette Corvette) » – Popp Hunna

2/ « Batman » – LPB Poody

3/ « Bundles (feat. Taylor Girlz) » – Kayla Nicole

4/ « Kiss Me More (feat. SZA) » – Doja Cat

5/ « TWINNEM » – Coi Leray

6/ « Up » – Cardi B

7/ « Buss It » – Erica Banks

8/ « Astronaut In The Ocean » – Masked Wolf

9 / «Punk Monk» – Playboi Carti

10/ « drivers license » – Olivia Rodrigo

Top 5 favorite music of users around the world

1/ « Astronaut In The Ocean » – Masked Wolf

2 / «Beggin ‘» – Moonlight

3/ « Adderall (Corvette Corvette) » – Popp Hunna

4/ « SugarCrash! » – ElyOtto

5/ « STAY » – The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber

The most popular effects and filters on TikTok in 2021

The social network offers many effects and filters that allow users to increase their creativity and post original content. Thus, TikTok unveils the most used effects and filters this year.

Top 10 Favorite Effects and Filters in USA

1/ Psychedelic Clown

@makeuppbyruthie@ viv14n hahahaha #fyp♬ Be A Clown – I’m the angi miku

2/ Inverted Filter

@livbedumb#inverted did we do this right? @tatemcrae1♬ deja vu – Olivia Rodrigo

3/ Versailles Run

@notolsennchris♬ Roman Holiday Sped Up – Jadyn

4/ Buffering

@robothighway#Buffering nah because time is flying #5d #2020vision #spiritualitytok #relatablehumor #fyps♬ ahAAAAA HAHAAAA – vernon

5/ Photo Crop

@azulathecheezitok last one #cat #catsoftiktok #LiveFlowSweatDuet #TheSuicideSquadMovie #QuickBooksVictoryPose♬ The Hustle – Van McCoy

6/ Freeze Frame Slow Zoom

@deandrehopkinsI mean… #freezeframeslowzoom #deandrehopkins♬ original sound – Anna Bruni

7/ Autumn Aesthetic

@_jeffreyprattPennsylvania is the best. #BenefitOfBrows #BillboardNXT #halloween #fyp #halloween #fall♬ Teddy Bears Picnic – Henry Hall

8/ Slow Zoom Taylor

@taylorswiftBurnin’ it down 🔥 #wildestdreamstaylorsversion #slowzoomeffect #swifttok♬ original sound – Taylor Swift

9/ Renaissance Art (Green Screen Scan)

@jenellelevansGetting #Bridgerton / #Renaissance vibes. 💯🥰 #RenaissanceChallenge♬ original sound – Natalie Pienkawa

10/ Red and Blue Filter

@caleb_romoKinda cool right?! #MyColoredHair #TogetherImpables #fyp♬ BLACKOUT. Thekatiebradshaw – KATIE ♡︎

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