Top fan at a good price: That’s what the Meaco 1056 can do

As soon as the temperatures rise, you long for a pleasantly fresh breeze. If you don’t want to spend too much money and don’t want to put a huge device in the room, you should take a closer look at compact table fans. One of the top fans in this category was tested by us – and is also our current price tip: the Meaco 1056.

The table fan offers an oscillation with a swivel range of 100 degrees, 12 levels for a very fine tuning and an automatic mode including temperature display as well as a timer and a remote control. In addition, the fan works relatively quietly (0.7 sone from a distance of at least two meters, 4.9 sone under two meters) and saves energy.

Our assessment:

The table fan Meaco 1056 delivers good to very good results in the test. If you are looking for a powerful, compact fan with a few small extras, you will get a good overall package at a fair price with the device.

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