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emlyon business school is launching a new certificate to support professionals in their digital projects by providing them with the necessary method and tools.

Participants benefit from the entire emlyon business school ecosystem to make their project a success. © emlyon

To better understand the digital challenges and organizational changes linked to the acceleration of economic, societal and technological transformations, emlyon business school offers a new certificate: Driving Digital Transformation (PTD). It is aimed at middle or senior managers and experts who support structures in their digital transformation. It is also intended for employees in professional reorientation and requires at least 5 years of experience.

The objective of the PTD certificate is to develop and enrich one’s skills in digital transformation on strategic, organizational, technological, marketing and change management dimensions. This operational training takes place over 11 days (10 face-to-face days and 1 remote day). ” We provide our participants with methods, tools and a posture to adopt to build, from a diagnosis, a digital transformation strategy, knowing how to manage it with identified means and resources. », Explains Valéry Merminod, the program director.

The Digital Makers project to benefit from advice from experts and peers

The common thread of the piloting the Digital Transformation certificate, the Digital Makers project makes it possible to put into practice the skills acquired during the modules offered by the training: digital transformation strategy, digital service design, data strategies, data marketing or digital transformation. and mental models. ” We are committed to supporting participants individually in the appropriation of knowledge through the modules we offer, as well as in the advancement of their professional projects. », Underlines the director.

In groups of 2 or 3, or individually, each project benefits from a follow-up by the speakers, and this from the beginning of the training. Peer learning is the added value of the program. ” Thanks to their varied and diversified experience, the groups will be able to help each other on their respective projects, exchange contacts for application cases, devices or concepts. This is what we call collective intelligence in a situation through interactions between participants and with different experts. »

Participants thus benefit from the entire emlyon business school ecosystem: the advice provided by the trainers of the PTD certificate, feedback from other learners, but also feedback from the school’s alumni network as well as from teachers from different educational paths, who can be called up depending on the groups’ projects. Valéry Merminod continues: “ this dynamic brings them an additional critical force, enhanced by the feedback from each member, but also by receiving a lot of advice to face the difficulties encountered ».

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A variety of projects followed to meet the needs of participants

The projects challenged by the participants are varied and have different objectives, in multiple sectors of activity. ” We supported a commercial director of a pharmaceutical laboratory, who was wondering about the deployment of a digital solution, in order to better interact with his end customers. We also had two administrative and financial directors (CFOs) in reconversion, who wanted to launch a consulting company in digital transformation, with the development of a maturity diagnostic system on a financial scope. Finally, a manager of a family business in the “silver” economy had a project to set up a joint venture with an ESN, in order to offer digital solutions for people with loss of autonomy at home.. »

To support learners and help them achieve their digital projects, emlyon business school speakers rely on the use cases proposed as part of the certificate, in order to illustrate the sequence taught. All members of the group have the opportunity to confront them with their own issues and professional environments. For each of the 5 modules of the program, half a day is devoted to project monitoring. A tool allows the school’s experts to monitor their progress in order to provide the most relevant recommendations for each topic addressed.

The results are there: “ the commercial director of the pharmaceutical laboratory has moved from POC to the next stage, that of the industrialization of its digital solution; the two CFOs have set up their legal structure and are experimenting with their new tools with a network of trust; the senior executive has launched his joint venture and is in the process of deploying his support service for people with loss of autonomy », Summarizes the director of the program.

11 days to become operational on the digital transformation

At the end of the training, the learners have assimilated the challenges of digital, know how to build a strategy or master the methods and tools of project management. The PTD certificate aims to build skills in digital transformation thanks to the monitoring carried out as part of the Digital Makers project. The school claims face-to-face learning in order to encourage emulation and exchanges between groups, which benefit from each other’s experiences.

A presentation of the progress of their projects is organized during the last day of the program. ” Each group presents its project, what has been achieved, the roadmap, as well as the difficulties encountered and how they were able to mobilize the skills acquired in the different modules. », Specifies Valéry Merminod. A skills framework enables the PTD certificate jury to carry out the assessment. A certificate is issued when all the award conditions are met. The program director adds: “ nWe make sure that they will continue the momentum created by the certificate because the digital transformation never stops ».

The next intake of the Pilot digital transformation certificate:

  • October 6, 2021 in Lyon,
  • November 3, 2021 in Paris.

Note that the PTD certificate will also be launched synchronously from January 2022, every Friday for 10 weeks, with the same support as in person. The certificate is offered at a price of € 6,600 excluding tax and is eligible for the CPF.

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