transactions plummeted in June

What the rush of cryptovalute recorded in the first quarter of the year has stopped and under everyone’s eyes, both in terms of price growth and as regards the volumes of transactions. To underline the latter aspect is a new report published by CryptoCompare: -42.7% in June compared to the previous month. A vertical collapse, in line with that of May (-35.0%).

Vertical collapse of crypto transactions

The factor to which the main responsibility for the trend is attributed is related to turn of the screw imposed by China towards the operations of mining: various regions of the Asian country have imposed a total stop or in any case applied limitations, for problems related primarilyexcessive energy consumption.

To get a more complete picture of the situation, add the restrictions which in Europe are interesting Binance, the number one exchange for the amount of capital moved. The platform remains at the top of the ranking for the moment, but with a -56% recorded in June (668 billion dollars overall).

formulation forecasts medium or long term on the performance of assets such as Bitcoin it is for obvious reasons a gamble, little change if in terms of price trend or activity. There are those who are optimistic, for both perspectives: this is the case with Bloomberg Intelligence which sees in the second half of the year a quarter of strong growth.

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