Twitch has suspended two famous creators for sexually suggestive content

However, the platform’s policy on the matter is criticized for being unclear and selectively applied

(photo: via Unsplash)

Twitch, Amazon’s famous streaming broadcasting platform, suspended two well-known creators for publishing content in recent days of a sexual nature that would violate its own guidelines.

The two victims I’m Amouranth (Kaitlyn Siragusa) e Indiefoxx (Jenelle Dagres), blocked for non-explicit Asmr content, but sexually suggestive. They filmed and recorded for example doing yoga and licking microphones. Twitch has not provided further details and it is unknown the length of time for which the two streamers will remain offline. Amouranth and Indiefoxx are no strangers to stopping their streams. This is Amouranth’s fourth ban and Indiefoxx fifth.

However, this Amazon platform policy is criticized by some creators for being enforced selectively. Siragusa herself wrote on Twitter that she saw two other girls produce the same content “At the rate of 2-5 thousand views without any ban for months” and which have not yet been banned. By suspending Amouranth and Indiefoxx, which have tens of thousands of viewers on each stream, Twitch is likely trying to discourage other users from imitating this kind of content.

Twitch, as he remembers TechCrunch he also recognized the complexity of his own rules on moderation. The intent of the sexually suggestive content policy “was of draw a line on content that is overtly or explicitly sexually suggestive, not to prohibit all content that could be considered sexually suggestive, but we acknowledge that our rules are not as clear as they could be “.

On the other hand, prohibiting any form of content that could be interpreted as allusive would entail many more restrictions on video games and premium content that we currently allow, especially considering the ways in which female characters are sometimes objectified or presented in a sexualized way “, Twitch said.

Asmr content has its own category with 2.4 million followers, which mostly includes channels that don’t push the boundaries of Twitch rules. So far, instead of building a more thoughtful way to collect sexually suggestive content, society has decided to punish anyone who decides to cross the line. But last month, Twitch said it was working on new policies to further clarify its rules on sexually suggestive content.

“Unfortunately for Twitch – and for the affected female creators disproportionately from its policies “ nota TechCrunch, “The abundance of these channels suggests that so far the platform will make the same decisions over and over again as it tries to draw a line within a gray area of ​​its own making”.

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