Twitter is planning to show some tweets only to “trusted friends”

The app is also studying the possibility of excluding certain words or phrases from replies to one’s own tweet and the option of tweeting with different “characters” from a single account depending on the context.

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Before long we may have the opportunity to write tweets aimed at only a few trusted friends, chosen by us users. The microblogging social network is in fact thinking about new features and has shared some designs on which it will work in the future.

The option “trusted friends”Would allow users to limit the audience for tweets selected to a smaller circle of close friends, while “facets”Could allow you to classify tweets when sent based on different characters and contexts of the same account, such as work life, private life and hoppies.

Twitter is also considering allowing users to Make a list some phrases they would rather not see in replies to their tweets. However, all of these ideas are in the early stages and none are in development yet. The company says it is reflecting on these concepts and trying to gather feedback from users to decide if and how to implement these ideas.

The idea of ​​being able to choose to show your tweets only to a small group of friends seems to follow the function of Instagram stories for closest friends. Today, users can choose to limit replies to only the people mentioned in the tweet, only to the people they follow, or they can leave the default setting to “all“. While this allows users to limit who can reply, everyone can see the tweet itself and can like, retweet, or quote the tweet.

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The trusted friend option could give birth to gods private groups, gathering people from the same city or with the same interests and privacy, or exclusivity, could also entice someone to tweet for the first time.

Second TechCrunchHowever, Twitter must be careful, as a novelty of this type “Would affect the original idea of a platform that is a sort of public bulletin board where everyone is invited to the conversation “ and it would end up making social media look a little more like Facebook.

Last month, however, Twitter had shown a potential function of not mention which would allow users to remove their own tags from other people’s tweets, so as not to get stuck in unwelcome or harassing conversations.

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