Twitter will introduce reactions to tweets on the Facebook model

There are five emojis to choose from. However, it is not yet clear when the new feature will debut

(Photo: Unsplash)

Like or retweet a tweet we liked will soon become a thing of the past. Among the many new features that the microblogging app is developing, or has already announced, in recent months, since the end of May it was known that it was working to add reactions to the tweets, on the model of Facebook. At that time, only the reactions were ready “Hmm” e “Haha”. Now we know what are the emojis we can use to reply to a tweet.

The new reactions on Twitter will allow for a more specific response to a tweet. Users will be able to choose from a total of five options, including the doubtful emoji, the sad one, the laughing face, the clap of the hands and the usual I like it. The developer Nima Owji, among the first to discover the new options introduced by the app, was revealed on the same social network.

It seems that the user will have to press longer on the “like” for the other options to appear as well. It is still unclear when the company will release this feature, although it appears quite ready to roll out.

Owji was also able to discover that Twitter is working on the rings for the Fleet icon and Twitter Spaces for the web app. Currently, if anyone adds and Fleet, web users may not be able to notice, but this is about to change soon.

Last but not least, the company will improve direct message search, splitting groups and people when a user searches for a message. Owji is able to find these features that Twitter is working with the reverse engineering.

This year, Twitter introduced functionality upon functionality per la sua community con Spaces, Tip Jar, Twitter Blue, Super Follow and a revamped verification program. The company is aiming to make Twitter a suitable platform for making money for creators.

It is difficult for a social platform to introduce an appreciated novelty without someone, or more than someone, not copying it. It happened, big, with Clubhouse it has inspired Twitter Spaces and Facebook Audio Rooms. The reactions to Mark Zuckerberg’s social posts also introduced by Jack Dorsey’s platform are alone the most recent example. It looks like it won’t even be the last: Facebook would in fact be thinking of “to steal” to the rival the characteristic “threads”.

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