two leaks exposed Apple ID data

In a supporting document recently published, Apple has announced that with the recent release of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, two particularly significant security vulnerabilities have been fixed that could have exposed the personal information contained in the Apple ID to third-party apps and, of consequently, putting them at great risk. iOS 15: two serious vulnerabilities put Apple ID information at risk Going into more detail, the flaws were also related to the history of in-app searches for malicious third-party apps that could have allowed applications to ignore user preferences The discovery of these vulnerabilities is attributable to the developer Steve Troughton-Smith, who was clearly thanked by the Cupertino company for the important contribution offered. do them. It is therefore not known whether any attacker has used it in the past or if it was only a potential (but fatal!) Risk. If in doubt, however, it is always good to update your devices to the latest available release supported by them, in order to avoid encountering any security problems. of the new version of iOS / iPadOS Apple has taken steps to remedy the flaws, even considered quite important. In fact, with each new update, the company of the “bitten apple” usually provides patches for any bugs found previously and informs its users of the incident to push them to update.

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