[Umschreiben] How to save jackets & furniture with burn marks

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Repairing a burn hole in your beloved jackets and coats is easier than you might think. This way you get your favorite coat and don’t have to buy a new one. In our article you will find several ways to hide the burn hole or burn mark.

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Repairing the burn hole: Use salt to combat burn marks

Maybe you don’t have to repair a burn hole at all and there are only burn marks on your garment? This happens quickly if, for example, glowing ashes from a cigarette fall on your jacket coat. Often there are also burn marks with burn holes.

In this case, do not use water under any circumstances. That would only solidify the ashes to the textiles. Instead, a simple Brushing off help the ash and the stain.

If there are still remains of the burn mark in the fabric, use it salt. Now you can moisten the affected area a little and then put the salt on it. Use a lot of salt, the top salt should stay dry after application. The salt removes the moisture from the fabric and thus also the residues of the burn mark from the jacket fabric.


Repairing burn mark in coat: How to mend the hole


But if it is not just a simple burn mark, but even has a hole, you will probably have to repair it with a needle and thread. There are two ways you can fix the hole in your coat or jackets.

If you are new Applications Do not bother on your garment, you can use the hole Patch sew and thus cover it. This is more suitable for denim jackets, which can be easily spiced up, or for your children’s jackets.

If you do not address these applications, you will have to sit down at the plug of the hole. To do this, you need a thread in the color of the coat or jacket fabric and a fine needle that is still thick enough to pierce through the material. Now fill in the hole by clicking with needle and thread prick from side to side. Do not use a double thread, it will be noticed. Make sure that the hole does not contract and the fabric does not begin to curl. If the hole is completely covered, sew the rest of the thread, you should not knot it.


Get help

If you care very much about the item of clothing and fear that trying to repair it yourself will make things worse, you can also take it to a tailor’s shop. This is especially the case with more sensitive textiles such as leather, silk or brocade. The price depends on the effort for the tailor. Expect at least 15 to 30 or 50 euros. But you should ask in advance what the approximate final price will be.


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