Update brings support for Apple’s Magsafe Battery Pack

Apple will release the next software update for iPhones next week. IOS 14.7 brings these innovations.

iOS 14.7 is almost ready: After a few betas, the iPhone builder has published the release candidate for the new software update for developers and public beta testers. The release of the final iOS version coincides with the market launch of the first in-house Magsafe battery pack, which was announced on Wednesday. The new accessories require the new OS version.

iOS 14.7 brings support for the Magsafe Battery Pack – and limited reverse charging

With iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 Unsurprisingly, the last iOS 14 versions hardly contain any new features on the horizon; instead, they primarily provide bug fixes and security patches. It’s no different with iOS 14.7.

Apple’s Magsafe Battery Pack requires iOS 14.7 – and an iPhone 12.

However, the update is required in order to use Apple’s own battery pack on the current iPhone 12 models. In addition, the new version seems to bring reverse charging to power the accessories wirelessly via the iPhone. To do this, however, the iPhone has to be charged from a socket, like Apple in one Support document writes. Some Android devices, such as this Pixel 5 (Test) or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (Test), master this function independently of a power socket.

iOS 14.7: Fixes bugs with cryptic WiFi names

Apart from the support of the battery pack, the update brings the possibility to manage timers set on the homepod via the home app. Apple is also bringing air quality information to the weather and map app for Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea and Spain.

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iOS 14.7 also fixes a bug that caused the iPhone’s WiFi to stop working when connected to a WiFi network called something like “% p% s% s% s% s% n”. The Connect to a network of that name could massively impair the functionality of the iPhone.

Furthermore, according to the changelog in the podcasts library, you can choose whether you want to see all programs or only the programs that are being tracked. In addition, Apple fixes the bug that the menu option “Share playlist” is occasionally not displayed in Apple Music. Apple also claims to have fixed the unexpected stopping of playback of lossless music with Dolby Atmos and Apple Music.

The battery service message, which could have disappeared on some iPhone 11 models after a restart, should also be displayed again. In addition, braille displays should now display correct information when composing mail messages.

Less relevant for Germany: In the Apple Card Family, the option is added to combine credit limits and share a common account with an existing Apple Card user.

iOS 14.7 should be released early next week, as the battery pack will go on sale on July 22nd. In addition, it is highly likely that Apple will release iPadOS 14.7, macOS 11.5 Big Sur and watchOS 7.6 at the same time.

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