USB, BRILLIANT idea: you can put it anywhere

Every time you need to charge a device you have new cables lying around your desk. Whenever you need to enter a USB in the PC you have to stretch out to get to the first available outlet. Every time you change your location you have to unset and unset everything. Every time an effort, which you do not notice because you did not believe there was a simple and ingenious solution at hand, however on special offer in these hours for only 16.66 euros.

USB, this solution is brilliant

The solution is in the multipresa USB Orico, a particularly clever concept that brings together four USB 3.0 sockets and a clamp. The shape is essential and the device sturdy (in aluminum), because this is its first task: to securely attach itself to the desk or to any other grip within reach. Once the USB is inserted on the back side, there will be four sockets on the front side available for any use.

You can attach it to the side of the desk, or to one of the lower supports, hiding the USB under the worktop and keeping them hidden from view. In this case the cable will run underneath, completely hidden from view and without any encumbrance. You can attack the multipresa Orico to the monitor or abatjour, vertically or horizontally and whatever the thickness available.

Multipresa USB Orico

What makes the difference is the very concept that Orico has put in place: USB ports are of daily use and for this reason they should be located not where other devices allow it, but where it can be most useful. With this multi-socket you will not need adapters, extensions or more: a few euros for a terminal and everything is solved. Cables disappear while USB sockets will pop up where you’ve always wanted them without ever imagining they might be there. And instead.

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