Vanmoof S3 200 euros more expensive, Cowboy model 3 200 euros cheaper

The Dutch pedelec startup Vanmoof has surprisingly increased the prices of its S3 and X3 models by 200 euros each. Shortly afterwards, the Belgian competitor Cowboy reduced its 2020 Model 3 to the original Vanmoof price.

As Vanmoof in April 2020 his new Pedelecs S3 (test) and X3, the manufacturer was proud to bring them to market for just under 2,000 euros. The massive price reduction compared to the predecessor S2, which cost from 3,398 euros, was achieved through greater control of production and the development of your own components. At the beginning of July, Vanmoof announced a price increase, while Cowboy reacted a little later and reduced the price of his pedelec, which is now undercutting Vanmooof in the price war.

Vanmoof S3 and X3 now cost just under 2,200 euros

Since July 1, 2021, the price of Vanmoof pedelecs has been a bit surprising 200 euros higher than the original price set a little over a year ago. The manufacturer oriented itself towards the competitor Cowboy, whose Cowboy 3 (Test) since the introduction of the Cowboy 4 is sold for 2,190 euros.

The Vanmoof S3. (Photo: t3n)

Vanmoof told t3n that the demand for Vanmoof bikes had risen like never before in the past year. The Covid 19 pandemic presented the company with new challenges in its supply chain.

These bottlenecks have had an impact on the price of the bikes increasing while the manufacturer tries to ramp up production while keeping delivery times as short as possible. The aim is “to guarantee the best quality and service for our drivers and to grow responsibly as a business,” says Vanmoof.

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After Vanmoof’s price increase: Cowboy 3 200 euros cheaper

The Cowboy 3 costs “only” 2,000 euros after the price has been reduced. (Photo: t3n)

The delivery bottlenecks are also felt by other manufacturers, such as Cowboy, who do not want to bring their new fourth-generation e-bike models onto the market until September. The Belgian bike startup has also turned the price screw for Cowboy 4: the new models cost 2,490 euros each.

With the award-winning 2020 cowboy model, the price of which was recently reduced, the manufacturer – apparently in response to Vanmoof – changes the price again. From now on, Cowboy only charges 1,990 euros for his pedelec with a removable battery. The price includes smart features such as accident detection and the mudguards, for which an extra 90 euros were incurred in April. The manufacturer also promises short delivery times: Buyers should receive the bike just ten days after ordering.

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