VAT number? Samsung repair your device

One thing is the private individual, another is the company. Samsung knows this and wants to make these differences operational through a dedicated service for the repair of devices (smartphones, tablets, smartwatches) in any way registered to a VAT number. It does not matter if the product is still covered by warranty or if the same covers the damage: Future Service, this is the name of the service, offers dedicated prices and attention.

Samsung Future Service

To make use of Samsung Future Service all you need to do is register on the dedicated page by entering your VAT number “to request assistance and view the price list that the Samsung authorized service center has reserved for the type of out-of-warranty repair selected“. Within just 1 working day the device will be taken over for free by a dedicated courier and brought to a authorized service center: here the product will be analyzed and you will receive a timely quote based on the diagnosis produced. Once the estimate has been approved and the intervention paid, the device will be returned, with an additional free trip, to the sender.

Future Service reinforces the commitment that Samsung dedicates to its customers throughout the product life cycle, even after the expiry of the warranty period, already demonstrated with Smart Repair, service for the repair of Galaxy devices, out of warranty, can be activated online with completely free collection and home delivery dedicated to consumers who act for non-professional purposes. Samsung services are effective, fast, convenient and transparent, thanks to the assistance of qualified technicians and the use of only original spare parts.

A virtuous service, a gesture of attention for companies and an important commitment to the repairability of products. In short, a good way to add quality to assistance and to extend the life cycle of products. It’s about value, from whatever angle you look at it.

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