Videos longer than one minute arrive on TikTok

In the coming weeks, users will be able to post clips lasting up to 3 minutes, surpassing the previous 60-second limit

(Photo: Unsplash)

In the next few weeks on TikTok everyone will be able to publish vlonger videos one minute. The news was announced from the app itself, which explained that users will get a notification to notify them when the feature is available for them.

In December of last year, the platform had already allowed some of its creators to publish clips that exceeded 60 seconds, up to 3 minutes. Now this chance will be given to everyone, according to TikTok, to give people more flexibility in creating their videos, especially when it comes to content like cooking and beauty tutorials that are difficult to make with a series of short clips. The idea of ​​the app is that a longer clip should prevent video makers from breaking them up into several episodes.

How much the introduction of this novelty will be appreciated is difficult to say. The test of the past few months had left many confused. The 60-second video format has always been central to TikTok’s identity. This is not to say that longer videos will necessarily make the app less popular but, he writes Engadget, “We always worry when a platform moves away, even if it’s only a small step, from what made it popular in the beginning”.

TikTok didn’t say how much longer clips can affect thehis algorithm. YouTube, for example, prefers long content and on the site almost everything lasts more than ten minutes. If it turns out that the length also works on TikTok to keep glued to the second screen The Verge we may see less and less of the short, lively clips that have characterized the app all along.

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