VISA, $ 1 billion in cryptocurrencies moved

The market for cryptovalute are you going through one of the most depressing moments after the euphoria of the beginning of the year? It matters little to VISA, which in the meantime celebrates the results achieved. Through the collaboration signed with over 50 platformsin fact, VISA offered the possibility of creating a bridge between cryptovalute and the real economy, acting as a gateway to this rich trade with a volume of $ 1 billion.

See it as you wish, the double face of the coin remains: on the one hand, the VISA tool can seem like a great opportunity to give substance to the spendability of cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, the same VISA is configured as yet another seller of buckets in a market like this year in search of rich gold nuggets.

VISA: USD Coin for a successful gateway

VISA has put together a highly effective asset: FTX, Coinbase,, CoinZoom and more, a set of collaborations that made it possible to differentiate the channels of access to the world of cryptocurrencies and all this through a single hub capable of facilitating every operation. USD Coin is the link between cryptocurrencies and traditional currency in this project, exploiting the status of stablecoin to allow easier transduction of values.

Ease, after all, is trust: for the user it is a traditional VISA transaction, but behind the scenes there are the mechanisms established with the individual “crypto” platforms that allow the user to act without necessarily having to know everything. it happens in the meantime on the reference blockchain.

VISA’s successes are a great blow for the group, which has proven to be able to ride the wave of cryptocurrencies at the most important moment of their parable in 2021, but at the same time represent a sort of superstructure that, while bringing users and digital currencies together , it tarnishes awareness.

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