Vivo X60 Pro review: photos and videos are his specialty

The new phone developed together with Zeiss winks at lovers of images but some compromise too many does not allow it to excel

Like its predecessor, the new Vivo X60 Pro also wants to try to make its way through the camera phone and its weapons of seduction are the stabilized optics and the rather attractive price. Even the design does not disappoint but some compromises prevent it from playing on equal terms with the big names on the market. However, the substance is not lacking, especially when you put him to work in his favorite field, the photographic one, and the credit is partly to be shared also with Zeiss which has signed a long-term agreement with the Chinese company. The professional optics brand has in fact actively participated in the development not only of the lenses that mounts the phone, but also on software optimization.

The photos

The imaging compartment can rely on a triple posterior chamber with 48 megapixel main sensor equipped with a wide focal aperture of f / 1.48, flanked by a 13 megapixel super wide-angle lens and a 13MP portrait lens with 2X optical zoom. The selfie camera has a 32 megapixel sensor. Pictures taken with the Vivo X60 Pro they are objectively of high quality, with an appreciable color rendering and with a level of definition and detail worthy of the coat of arms of Zeiss. Precisely the quality of the German optics is appreciated when taking portraits that benefit from a peculiar blur, borrowed from the experience obtained with professional cameras equipped with Tessar lenses. Night shots are also good and with difficult lighting conditions. The contribution of artificial intelligence is essential, especially that of functions Extreme Night Vision 2.0 and Super Night Portrait which helps to photograph against the light by illuminating the subject without overexposing the background.

I video

Videos can rely on the evolution of the stabilization system that we had already appreciated in the Vivo X51 Pro, a “gimbal effect” which allows the phone to obtain very fluid movies even with strong stresses, a bit like with action cameras. On this model the stabilization is now active on 5 axes and on this function the Chinese company is currently unrivaled. Support for 4K at 60 fps is also good but not entirely convincing is the focus which is sometimes too slow. It is also a pity that at maximum resolution you cannot use the wide-angle lens but only the main sensor. Furthermore, since it is a telephone with a “camera phone” vocation, you also feel the lack of an optical zoom more pushed. The 2X works, the 5X interpolated too, but it is the minimum wage.

Nothing to complain about on the display 6.56 inch Ultra Amoled (manufactured by Samsung), certified as SGS Eye Care Display with HDR10 + functionality, therefore with vivid colors and defined vision even in direct sunlight (1330 nit peak). There is the refresh rate at 120 Hz but the frequency is not dynamic, it is only manually set to 60 or 120 and this penalizes the battery a little. The resolution stops at Full HD + (2376 x 1080).


From a performance point of view, the Vivo X60 Pro has no hesitation. The processor is not the 888 but it is Snapdragon 870 it is more than enough to handle any task without suffering. It must be said, however, that when you put your phone under stress tends to heat up in tangible world. The fingerprint reader under the glass is very fast and responsive as is the radio and wireless sector: 5G and wi-fi 6 always brilliant.

Autonomy is good but not excellent, the 4200 mAh allow you to get to the end of the day without problems, but you can’t go further. There is fast charging, from 33W, so it takes about an hour to fill the discharged battery and with 30 minutes you get to about 60%. No wireless charging, lack that sorry as that of the audio jack.

It is also lacking the absence of IP68 certification, so the phone is not waterproof. However, the Del Vivo X61 Pro will appreciate the lightness (177 grams), the very low thickness (7.6 mm) and a design that appears elegant and pleasant.

Final judgement

In conclusion, it cannot be said that the Vivo X60 Pro is not a good phone, it is both in everyday use and when you want to get quality photos and videos. Some compromises, however, distance him from a real competition with the top of the class. With a few more elements he could have played a good match. These limitations can be forgiven considering that the final price of the 12/256 GB version is 799 euro, interesting cost but also in line with what the phone really offers.

Rating: 8

Wired: quality photographic department, video stabilization, design and materials

Tired: no wireless charging, no hard optical zoom, not waterproof

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