Washing hands without soap? The alternatives are good for that

If you have sensitive skin or have to wash your hands frequently, you will be happy to use soap-free washing lotions. With their pH value in the slightly acidic range, these should preserve the skin’s natural protective layer.

Most of the lotions with the promise to be “pH neutral” keep it. This is shown by a study by the ÖKO-TEST magazine (issue 04/21). 18 out of 20, i.e. 90 percent of the tested products at prices between 90 cents and 25 euros per half liter were in the recommended pH value range of 4.1 to 5.8.

The test winner of Salthouse costs around 4 euros at Müller, but also two natural cosmetic products can secure the rating “very good”. The following drugstore and discounter products are also rated “good”:

Good to know: Even hand washing with soap-free washing lotions offers a certain protection against the Coronavirus. Like normal soaps, they are able to destroy the lipid layer of the virus with their washing-active substances, writes ÖKO-TEST. The pH value does not play a role in this.

Despite washing your hands with soap: this is how you can protect the skin

According to ÖKO-TEST, solid soaps have a basic pH value of 8 to 11, liquid soaps are usually below that. When washing with soap, the pH value of the skin changes briefly, which affects its protective acid mantle. Applying lotion after washing your hands helps to regenerate the skin barrier.

If the barrier is attacked, the skin can become dry and cracked and eczema can develop, warns the German Dermatological Society (DDG).

Wash or disinfect your hands? That provides the best protection

However, neither of them achieve the same effectiveness as disinfectants. This is not the only reason why experts advise disinfecting your hands rather than washing them if they are not dirty.

On the one hand, the agents kill pathogenic germs better, and on the other hand, according to the DDG, they are more skin-friendly, at least compared to soap ingredients. But ideally, you should also apply cream to your hands after disinfecting.

You can also make disinfectants yourself – we explain how to do it in this practical tip.

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