we keep the houses safe for the holidays

According to an ISTAT survey reported by Italpol Vigilanza, every single theft in the home causes damage that is around 4400 euros. Thieves usually access from windows or doors left open (27%), from unhinged doors (20%), from forced windows (15.6%) or even with the same keys used by homeowners (1.4%). Attention can therefore do a lot to prevent this type of inconvenience, so that a lot can be done by dissuasion tools such as external video surveillance systems. Italpol recalls that the usual time for thefts is between 18 and 21 (13%) or at night (19%), with jewels, furs and cash being the most sought-after prey (followed by TV, computers, cameras , smartphone). The advice provided by the group, an expert in dissuasion and surveillance, are suggestions focused on paying attention to daily behavior: close the access door, avoid giving indications about one’s absence, check for signs of possible past break-ins, use of armored doors, of peripheral alarms.
Peripheral alarms e outdoor video cameras they are intelligent and complementary dissuasion elements, which avoid thieves’ raids in the home environment and keep the bad guys away from families and any valuables. Technology can do a lot in this sense: the new burglar alarm systems are based on cloud connectivity and home automation systems, thus putting increasingly intelligent, simple and enabling remote access tools in people’s hands. Smart homes, therefore, where it is not only possible to control robots for cleaning, appliances and entertainment, but where it is also possible to guarantee greater safety for all those who share the home environment. Be careful to avoid exposure; safety for lock the gates; surveillance to deter. For greater safety or for companies, add the Italpol service. After that, happy holidays. This article contains affiliate links: purchases or orders placed through these links will allow our site to receive a commission.

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