We will be able to resume searches interrupted on Google

The introduction of a new feature for Google which will help users to quickly identify information already consulted in the past through the online searches. An unprecedented feature that integrates directly into the SERP (results pages), showing a label through which to access the chronology of the activities previously carried out.

Google, a box for past searches

“Your related activity”, this is the title of the small box displayed at the top of the results, which, if selected, extends by collecting the links already visited for the same query. In the example provided by the animation below, the search terms are “eating clean”. Just a tap to see the list of URLs visited appear, with a precise indication of the date (“an hour ago”, “five days ago” and so on). At the bottom it is also possible to scroll through the queries relating to the same theme, for example “quick clean diet plan” etc. According to bigG, a tool of this type could be useful for better planning the collection of information, the projects to be completed or the activities to be carried out.

With a long touch on one of the elements shown it is possible to insert it into a special favorites list, which can then be consulted at any time, leaving it to Google to associate it with a specific category based on the query entered and the content of the link. Obviously, to benefit from it, you need to visit the search engine after authenticating to your account.

Past search activities on Google

The rollout of the novelty kicks off today, but only and exclusively in the United States and for those who use English. It will arrive at a later time to affect other territories and other languages, but it is not known with what timing. The feature is available on both the version of the search engine accessible from mobile devices and through desktop browsers.

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