What is the best hoseless portable air conditioner for summer 2021

Five models for all needs and budgets, to keep cool without any installation difficulties

(Photo: Electrolux)

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I portable air conditioners without hose they have the great advantage of being usable as soon as they are extrapolated from the purchase package because they do not require drilling the wall to disperse the hot air outside. On the contrary, they exploit the internal condenser and a container that collects water and which must be emptied regularly. We have chosen five models for summer 2021.

Elettrolux ChillFlex Pro

Electrolux Portable Air Conditioner EXP26U538CW
(Photo: Electrolux)

For those looking for a silent hoseless portable air conditioner, Electrolux ChillFlex Pro it limits the noise to just 65 decibels, so as not to disturb too much when working up to 10,800 btu / h and 1000 watts. It uses the sustainable gas R290 which can reduce the global warming potential (Gwp) by 99.8% compared to the traditional R410a and also has an anti-bacterial filter. The dimensions are 38.5 x 47.6 x 71 mm. ChillFlex Pro costa 549 euro, here the offers on Amazon, even those of class A version which costs about half.

Argo Swan Evo

ARGO Swan Evo
(Photo: Argo)

Argo Swan Evo it is a model with a power of 8000 btu / h and a consumption of 2340 watts by putting on the plate three different operating modes: cooling, ventilation and dehumidification. Two air diffusion speeds can be adjusted, it provides a programmable timer and control LED display. It weighs 21 kg and measures 67.8 x 32.8 x 30.5 centimeters. Argo Swan Evo cbuy 299 euro, here the offers su Amazon.

De’Longhi Pac El98 Eco Real Feel Penguin

De'Longhi PAC EL98 ECO
(Photo: DeLonghi)

Among the most purchased thanks to the numerous online promotions, the model Pac El98 Eco Real Feel Pinguino of De’Longhi increases in power up to 10,800 btu / h with a consumption reduced to 930 watts. It uses the non-toxic R290 gas, it can be adjusted to three levels of ventilation, it measures 41 x 45 x 75 centimeters and can be controlled with a large LED display. De’Longhi Pac El98 Eco Penguin costa 699 euro, here the offers su Amazon.

Black+Decker BXAC5E

Black+Decker BXAC5E
(Foto: Black and Decker)

Black+Decker BXAC5E is a portable air conditioner with evaporative type cooler that can operate at low consumption or 80 watts with a silence of 65 decibels. Large 30 x 27.5 x 60 cm, it is ideal for small rooms and includes a 5 liter tank. It costs 89 euro, here the offers su Amazon.


(Photo: Monzana)

The proposal of Monzana is an air conditioner with a very large 8-liter tank that also filters the air thanks to the ionizer that captures dust particles and neutralizes unpleasant odors. It measures 320 x 335 x 785 mm for a weight of 8.5 kg. The price is 117 euro su Amazon.

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