What story is your brand telling?

To tell it is part of the new way of being on the market. Everyone needs to tell about themselves, otherwise they remain inexorably hidden behind the interface without ever being able to emerge on it. Telling and telling about oneself means defining oneself, expressing an identity, occupying a position: being there, in order to be. In the book of Andrea Fontana that Amazon Kindle offers today on offer for only 6.99 euros (an expense that is well worth a pleasant summer reading) the “Stories that enchant“, That is all that narrative that companies now need to embrace in order to be on the market.

Stories that enchant

From Youtube video novels to Instagram Stories“, but also “from brand narratives to brand journalism“, as well as “from urban spaces to expanded platforms“. Different places for different ways of telling, but also different ways of shaping a story to achieve different goals:

Today stories are everywhere: they heal us, transform us, even terrify us. With a story, we are no longer faced with a product to buy, a company to follow, a brand to admire, a service to subscribe to. We are faced with the elegance of a content, the inspiration of an image, the grace of a piece of music, the authenticity of a gesture that speaks of us. “Stories that enchant” is a book about how brand, product and life stories can become distinctive. How the resonance we are able to create with others through stories can make a difference.

One method that emerged under the “storytelling” tag is now becoming one increasingly refined narrative form, in which brands invest by hiring valuable people to express stories of value. Because this is finally on the market all of this: value.

Knowing how to tell stories like this today is not just a stylistic habit, but is part of the indispensable skills that those who want to listen and be heard must have.

But telling is an art and art is not for everyone. If the stories don’t enchant, the risk is to have the opposite effect: the stench of deception would be bad trouble.

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