WhatsApp, 225 million fine for exchanging data with Facebook

The sanction comes from the Irish Privacy Guarantor for violation of the GDPR. But for digital rights activist Max Schrems that’s not enough

London, UK – July 19, 2018: The buttons of Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, Pinterest Whatsapp e Telegram (Getty Images)

WhatsApp was fined 225 million euros from Privacy Guarantor Irish. The fine was imposed following an investigation into the transparency of the messaging app, owned by Facebook, relating to sharing of personal data of users with other companies of the tech giant of Menlo Park.

According to the Irish authority, WhatsApp would not have informed its users about the exchange of personal data che happens between the app and the other companies of Facebook, violating the European data protection provisions of 2018, sanctioned by gdpr (the general regulation for the protection of personal data Union). For this reason, the Guarantor has established that WhatsApp will have to pay a fine of 225 million euros and take adequate measures to solve the problem, conforming to the rules of the GDPR. App spokespersons disputed the decision, the agency reports Reuters, defining “Completely disproportionate” the fine and announcing the appeal.

The pronouncement of the Data protection commission Irishman (Dpc) came after much criticism of his inaction of the tech giants. In fact, last April, the European Center for Digital Rights Noyb had reported how in one year only 7 out of 10 thousand complaints, presented to the Irish Guarantor, had concluded with a decision. While all the others ended up in the archive. The same investigation into WhatsApp, which led to the € 225 million fine, began in 2018 and the decision came only following a reminder made last July by the European Data Protection Council.

The comment of the activist Schrems

Max Schrems, Austrian digital rights lawyer e founder of Noyb, which contributed some fundamental causes to the strengthening of European rules on the protection of personal data by targeting their own Facebook.

Schrems commented the decision of the Irish Guarantor underlining how this decision concerns only one of the thousands of warnings that the authority receives every year. “We welcome the first decision by the Irish regulator – Schrems said – however, the Dpc had initially proposed a fine of only 50 million euros and only after being forced by the European authorities did it raise it to 225 million, which in any case only represent it 0.08% of the turnover of the Facebook group. While the GDPR provides for fines up to 4% of turnover. For Schrems, the Irish authority is still not working at its best and the activist invites us to wait for the result of the appeal before singing victory.

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