WhatsApp can be used on 4 devices simultaneously

And the main one will not need to be connected, the iPad version is also coming

(Photo: WhatsApp)

The times for theopening of WhatsApp to the so-called multi-device function that is, the possibility of accessing a single user on up to four different devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers. The primary device does not need to be connected all the time, as this is not a simple mirroring as it is now.

To anticipate the (non) news was the number one portal on the anticipation of the famous instant messaging app that is Wabetainfo, in an interesting interview with none other than Mark Zuckerberg and with the number one of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart. A rather short time frame is also given with the availability that will fall during the summer (maximum two months) for the beta version of tests and, probably, a dissemination to the public by the end of the year.

How will multi-device work on WhatsApp? A bit like for other rivals – Telegram or WeChat, just to cite the most consistent examples – you can log in on your desktop or laptop, on another smartphone (even with another operating system than the main one) or on a tablet, included iPad which will finally have its own optimized version.

At this time it is possible to use WhatsApp with the same user only on two devices at the same time thanks to the web version accessible from the browser or to the computer software, which however is a sort of mirror of what happens on the smartphone, which in fact must always remain connected. to the network. With the multi-device, WhatsApp will also be accessed on other devices freely, without any restrictions.

Zuckerberg assured it will be end-to-end encryption maintained to protect widespread conversations, data and files. Other cool features will also come like photos and videos that will vanish after viewing them and the messages you do they will self-destruct after a certain amount of time, like 24 hours or a week.

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