WhatsApp groups affected: Court orders blocking due to illegal content

The developers of the popular messenger WhatsApp have been asked to block several groups. This emerges from a preliminary decision by a court.

The makers of WhatsApp have to crack down on several chat groups. This emerges from a preliminary ruling by an Indian court. This has dealt with the lawsuit brought by “DT Corp Ltd”, one of the largest newspaper publishers in India. The groups concerned are said to have illegally shared content from the newspapers that would otherwise have to be paid for (via “TorrentFreak“).

According to the publisher, groups are said to have formed specifically in order to share the content from a total of five newspapers with one another. 61 issues of the magazines are said to have circulated via WhatsApp. The publisher, which otherwise relies on the paid content as a source of income, saw this threatened and filed the lawsuit.

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WhatsApp lawsuit: the final verdict is still pending

Several WhatsApp groups are blocked for illegal content.
Several WhatsApp groups are blocked for illegal content.


The final proceedings around the WhatsApp groups should take place on May 5, 2022. The groups should be deleted from WhatsApp by then. The company only has seven days to comply with this request. Otherwise there is a threat of penalties from the court. However, it is not possible to say exactly whether the groups will really end this.

Although the preliminary ruling is a bitter blow for the WhatsApp groups, many chats could still be hidden within the messenger that also share illegal content. It is conceivable that other large publishers or media authors will now increasingly look for this content in order to stop distribution via WhatsApp.

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