WhatsApp surprisingly beaten: These are the most successful iOS apps of the year

Apple has also published a list of the most popular apps for 2021. Somewhat surprisingly, however, WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram are not at the top.

As in every year, Apple revealed the best list of the App Store in December 2021. Anyone who expected the classics in the form of WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook in the first places will be disappointed.

Even the Corona warning app only made it to fourth place. In addition to the most downloaded and purchased apps from 2021 But Apple also has that “App Store Award Winner” announced. The company chose the best apps and games from last year for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

While WhatsApp and the Corona warning app only took third and fourth places, two other free apps related to the corona pandemic were in the first two places. According to Apple, CovPass could claim the throne for itself. The Luca app follows in second place.

WhatsApp only in third place: Corona dominates the leaderboards

WhatsApp isn't: Apple has announced the most popular apps in 2021.
WhatsApp isn’t: Apple has announced the most popular apps in 2021.

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In fifth and sixth place are two classics that continued to be very popular even without the help of the virus. Instagram and YouTube may help users to distance themselves from current affairs around Corona for a few minutes. Seventh to tenth place goes to Vinted, Google Maps, PayPal and TikTok.

In the paid apps, “Blitzer.de PRO” secured first place ahead of Threema. The following places include “Oh dear, I’m growing!”, “Food with love” and “Forest – stay focused”.

the full leaderboard of free and paid apps can be found at Apple.

According to Apple, these are the best apps of the year

While the best-selling and most-loaded apps represent the user’s point of view of the App Store, Apple itself once again selected the best apps and games from last year. Apple named an app and a game for each of its platforms.

The title for the app of the year on the iPhone goes to “Toca Life: World”. The game of the year for Apple’s smartphone is “League of Legends: Wild Rift”. The app and game of the year for Apple TV are “DAZN” and “Space Marshals 3”. The Arcade Game of the Year title goes to “Fantasian”. For the iPad, the titles go to “LumaFusion” and “Marvel Future Revolution”. On the Mac, Apple named “Craft – Editor for Documents” and “Myst”. There is only one app of the year on the Apple Watch. This title goes to the weather app “Carrot Weather”.

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