When nothing works anymore: The emergency IP for the WLAN router always helps

Most users won’t access the wireless router’s configuration interface every day, why should they? But from time to time you might want to adjust settings, manually check for updates or read out information. With the FritzBox, you only type in the browser http://fritz.box into the address field. This is easy to remember and usually takes you to the configuration interface.

If you have not changed the default settings, you can always use the IP address to connect a FritzBox reach. This setting should remain untouched for most FritzBoxes. If you perform a reset, this is always the default IP address. But you can also adjust the IP range so that this address is useless.

In the event of incorrect configurations or if you have forgotten the IP address, there is always an emergency IP. This is the same for all FritzBoxes. Such an emergency IP is not standard in the router world, but one or the other manufacturer also installs it.

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