When will augmented and virtual reality really be the next big thing?

Does the sofa match the room? You can try it out virtually with augmented reality (Image: Shutterstock)

Augmented and virtual reality have been dubbed the next big thing for years. In our podcast we clarify how the technology is currently really going.

This year Apple is bringing out its augmented reality glasses, long suspected in the rumor mill! So definitely. Probably. Perhaps …

And then the long-awaited breakthrough for AR content and for virtual reality will finally come along with it! Promised!

In the current edition of the t3n podcast, Peter Kolski explains to us that it will not be that easy after all and that we might have to wait a few more years for the appropriate hardware. Peter is the founder of the Beta Room developer studio and developed, among other things, the MauAR app.

As an expert in the field of AR, we want to know from him, among other things, where he sees the strengths and weaknesses of AR and VR and how things are generally currently with the two technologies. In the end it becomes clear: AR is already more widespread than we might think, and even if new hardware is a long time coming, the software already offers a lot of potential for exciting projects. Glasses or not.

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