why and how to calculate your ROI?

In an uncertain economic context, marketing teams are not immune to spending cuts. One of the best ways to protect yourself is simple: prove the value of your work. And when it comes to social media, there is only one way to get there: calculate the ROI of your actions. This is notably what the French Agorapulse platform, a reference solution in social media management, allows.

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Agorapulse launches a feature dedicated to ROI calculation

Brands have never invested so much in social networks. On the other hand, the understanding of social networks is increasing and managers want to have a more precise and quantified vision of actions.

To simplify the lives of professionals in this process, Agorapulse, the first French social media management platform, has just announced the launch of a new feature to calculate the business impact of social networks. This is a first in the industry of SaaS social media management tools.

Agorapulse will also host a free webinar on this subject on Tuesday, June 28 at 11:30 a.m.

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The steps to measure your social media ROI with Agorapulse

Calculating ROI is inherently very simple:

  • [Bénéfice de vos actions / coût total de vos investissements] * 100

On paper, it is therefore simple and quick, you just have to divide the profit of your actions by the total cost of your investments, and to multiply this figure by 100. But in reality, it is a little more complicated to put in place, especially if you are not equipped with the right tools to monitor your actions.

Here are the steps to follow for an accurate calculation of your ROI:

Define your KPIs

When you want to calculate your ROI, the first thing to do is to be clear about the KPIs you want to track and achieve. Here are the main KPIs you can track:

  • The reach : it designates the number of people who have seen your message.
  • L’engagement : it corresponds to a whole series of actions, in particular the number of “likes”, comments, shares or follows obtained by your message.
  • Prospects generated (leads) This could be a subscription, newsletter signup, ebook download, or other content that you can use for lead nurturing.
  • La conversion : this is probably the most important key performance indicator. This is the number of clicks and sales made by people who saw your post.

You can now analyze the performance of your content, but you also need to understand what business impact it has for your brand.

Install tracking pixels

How to know if the prospects (leads) generated from social networks convert? This is precisely what the tracking pixel is for. It allows you to define and measure the actions carried out thanks to your social media content. If a buyer on your website comes from a Facebook or Instagram post, you will be notified of this conversion in the business manager.

Generate tracked links

If you’re not careful, web traffic from your social media campaigns can be misinterpreted as direct traffic by Google Analytics. It can also be simply counted in social traffic. And this, without any distribution between the campaigns, the advertisements or the links contained in the publications.

To have a clear vision of your traffic generation, the solution lies in the generation of tracked links. By creating your posts in Agorapulse, you can enable traffic tracking through UTMs. It is also possible to shorten the link using the Bitly feature.

Choose whether you want to enter your own values ​​(text) or let Agorapulse fill in the fields (dynamic). When sharing with multiple networks at the same time, choose the Dynamic option. This will select the correct social network, medium and social profile to add to the tag.

By using UTM tracking, you can track the lifecycle of customers. For example, you will be able to see if a large number of people follow your links, go so far as to add an item to the cart, and then abandon their purchase. You will then be able to draw conclusions about the reasons for this abandonment. You will be able to view the results of your different campaigns in Google Analytics and in Agorapulse.

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Easily and instantly edit easy-to-understand reports

Whether you work in an agency or a company, gathering data from social networks and turning it into an attractive report takes hours.

Using Agorapulse’s built-in reporting system, it takes about 5 minutes to gather data from social media campaigns.

A basic Agorapulse report includes the following metrics:

  • Page Growth
  • Audience demographics
  • Impressions
  • Content preview
  • Engagement
  • Community management
  • The best times to post

These are basic metrics, if you wish, you can choose to go further by adding other metrics in your report.

Indeed, Agorapulse’s Power Report allows you to create performance reports channel by channel.

To demonstrate the ROI to a client or a manager, it is necessary in particular to prove the volume of content produced. Sending a monthly report clearly highlights this. Reports can also include replies sent and the speed of those replies. This will help brands see the number of resources (internal or outsourced) that are mobilized on social networks.

Another advantage of Agorapulse reports: the ability to easily compare dates, in order to compare, for example, the performance of Christmas 2020 campaigns compared to Christmas 2021.

Use the ROI calculator

Agorapulse has just launched a brand new feature that allows you to calculate your ROI. Accessible from the interface, the calculator considers by default that the value of an engaged Fan is €1 and the impressions (CPM) at €5. The click is valued at €1. These values ​​are obviously totally customizable.

3 metrics will determine your ROI:

  • Fans engaged: this is the number of times Internet users have commented or posted on your Page, for a given period. This is a calculation operated by Agorapulse, there is no equivalence in Facebook Insights.
  • Impressions: This is the total number of impressions for a given period.
  • Clicks on a link: this is the number of clicks made on a link for a given period.

You can also connect your advertising accounts. To do this, simply enter your Facebook/Instagram advertising token and link it to your profile.

Very well designed, this ROI calculator allows you to easily give a value to your actions, and above all to show and dismantle it to your customers or N+1.

A considerable time saver for professionals

Reports have an obvious advantage: saving time. No more need to do several different reports, and to switch from Twitter to Facebook or Instagram, with CSV exports that bug or are unreadable. All the KPIs you need are gathered in the same report and aggregated.

Once a report is created, it is editable to suit your needs, it can be modified to suit what you need to analyze. Another major advantage of the solution is the possibility of making PDF exports of aggregated reports, and PowerPoint exports of reports for each social presence.

Here again, the time saved is precious for sending them to your N+1 or customers. PDF exports make it easy to modify the data and you can even automatically add your logo or that of your client. With the “Automatic Reports” feature, these reports can be scheduled to be sent monthly to recipients you choose.

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