Will Intel invest $ 20 billion in Europe?

Intel expected an investment from 20 billion dollars in Europe for the construction of factories for the production of chip. The aim is to counter the Asian dominance in the sector and possibly contribute to the achievement of European technological sovereignty. The CEO Pat Gelsinger he met various heads of government, including the Italian Mario Draghi.

Will Intel open chip factories in Europe?

The European Commission had proposed the construction of new factories to solve the shortage of chips and become independent from Asian countries, but the goal is long-term (2030) and full of obstacles. Intel has foreseen the expansion of the plant located in Ireland (Leixlip), but to build more factories it has requested political support and a subsidy of at least 8 billion euros.

There are also some minimum requirements, including an area of ​​at least 1,000 acres (approx 4 sq. Km), sufficient for eight factories. Candidate countries include Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. The construction of two plants is initially planned for an initial cost of approximately $ 20 billion, while the long-term investment is expected to exceed 100 billion dollars.

According to the French government, Intel would like to build in Europe 10 nanometer chipbut state aid will be needed because the costs are 30-40% higher than those incurred by Asian producers. An investment of 7 billion dollars is foreseen for the Irish plant (the goal is to make 7-nanometer chips). Two factories will instead be built in Arizona.

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