Windows 10: Search function with a better design

Windows 10 isn’t perfect, just like all of its predecessors. But let’s be honest: Windows fans love the operating system for the numerous possibilities for customization, which above all offer additional free tools. A major design annoyance for many users so far has been the start menu, this is where Microsoft now finally improved. The search is also not entirely perfect in terms of design.

But there is also a remedy here: This is how the Windows search can be carried out with the free software BeautySearch Refresh the look so that, for example, the accent color of the system is used or the context menu has rounded corners. We show which setting options the open source tool offers – if you want to do without the Windows search entirely, you will find in Everything a successful alternative.

BeautySearch: Improve Windows search in just a few clicks

Thanks to BeautySearch, the color accents are also shown in the search window.

Image: CHIP

The open source software BeautySearch Basically only installs a customized JavaScript file in the system that changes the look of the Windows 10 search function in no time at all. With version 1.3 the developer has added a few improvements, such as the acrylic effect and accent colors for the sidebar in dark mode. You can find all changes in the official changelog.

Save the installer on your computer and run the file as an administrator. In the installation window, select the changes that BeautySearch should make. The English selection offers the following options:

  • Use accent color in the search window
  • Show search results in the dark theme
  • Remove background color from UWP icons
  • Shadow for context menus
  • Round corners in context menus
  • Acrylic effect for context menus
  • Make the edges of the context menu invisible
  • Make the edges of buttons invisible

Click on “Install” to apply the changes marked with a tick. Please note that you need the Windows Update from May 2020 (Version 2004, 20H1, Build 19041) or later in order to BeautySearch to be able to use.

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