Windows 11 is official: eleven news to know

From layouts to the start menu, Android applications to mini requirements, everything you need to know

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Microsoft officially unveiled Windows 11, the new version of the home operating system that will debut at the end of the year as a free update on all computers with version 10 on board. Let’s summarize what’s new with eleven things to know.

As anticipated by vari rumors, the basis of Windows 11 is that of the never born Windows 10x, which has in fact been integrated especially at the graphical interface level.

The new Start menu in Windows 11 it is placed in the center of the taskbar; not a drastic revolution like that of Windows 8 live tiles, but a softer change.

One of the foundations of the new Os is to offer different dynamic layouts among which to move by choosing them quickly and dividing the workspace according to the apps and functions in use.

The location of apps in the various layouts it will be remembered in case you switch from one screen to another, for example by switching from the notebook to the desktop computer at home.

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(Photo: Microsoft)

It will be easier to download and manage Android applications from a PC or a Windows 11 tablet thanks to the collaboration with Intel and via Bridge technology.

I future Windows 11 updates they will take place in the background without treacherously restarting the system and will be on average 40% lighter; listen to the prayers of the users.

There will be plenty of room for widget for example dedicated to weather forecasts, the latest news or useful information that will be selected and sorted by artificial intelligence on the user’s preferences.

It will be speeded up and improved Microsoft Store with more visibility granted to developers and more payment options.

I Windows 11 minimum requirements are a 64-bit processor with a minimum clock speed of 1 GHz and 2 or more cores, a quantity of 4 GB of RAM and an available storage space of at least 64 GB. To check the hardware of your computer you can use the utility Pc Health Check free.

The Windows 11 download will be free on a computer with Windows 10 operating system already installed, as an update and in a similar way to what happened with the transition from Windows 7 to 10.

The output and availability Windows 11 is scheduled for late 2021 / early 2022.

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