Windows 11: The latest version brings many improvements and eliminates annoying bugs

Last night published Microsoft released Windows 11 build 22000.65 for the dev channel, the second public beta build of the new operating system. This is the second preview of the new operating system.

Finally you can now see the taskbar on several monitors. Unfortunately, you still can’t move the taskbar to the sides or top of the screen. In fact, Microsoft doesn’t even confirm whether it is considering changing this or not.

In the event of sound problems, you can now fix them by right-clicking on the volume symbol. In addition, you can now update directly by right-clicking on the desktop without having to click on “Show more options” beforehand.

Windows 11: Second build eliminates some problems

Windows 11: With the second build for Insider, Microsoft was able to eliminate some bugs and incorporate improvements.

Image: Microsoft

Particularly important: Microsoft apparently also has the serious security vulnerability with the new build “PrintNightmare“. This allowed attackers to execute malicious code on their victims’ PCs. There is now a search field in the start menu and there are new system warning dialogs.

Previously, if you turned the display to portrait format and back again, the app icons were no longer visible in the taskbar in some cases. In addition to some problems with Explorer, the widgets and the search, this has now also been fixed.

There are some Windows 11 features that are missing in the preview, such as the integration of Microsoft Teams and of course support for Android apps and the Amazon Appstore. Neither is included in the build, at least according to Microsoft’s blog post.

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