WINDTRE has chosen the Business Support Systems proposed by Ericsson

Handshake signed between WINDTRE and Ericsson, with the operator who has chosen the Swedish group as a strategic partner for the evolution of its Business Support Systems, leveraging the potential of a cloud-native infrastructure. In this way it will be able to launch and monetize services related to the 5G network, both among consumer and corporate customers. Ericsson’s Business Support Systems for WINDTRE The agreement signed has a multi-year duration and will allow the telco to adopt a complete range of functions for pricing, billing and catalog, precisely in the phase in which it is involved in the implementation of the networks 5G. This includes Ericsson Catalog & Order Management, Ericsson Charging, Ericsson Mediation and Ericsson Dynamic Activation. This is the comment of Emanuele Iannetti, CEO of the Swedish company in Italy and head of South East Mediterranean.We are pleased to collaborate further with WINDTRE in this digital transformation. Our end-to-end BSS solutions will enable you to better monetize current business models, the performance that 5G makes possible today, and be ready for what’s to come tomorrow. The trust received by WINDTRE is a confirmation of the consolidated market leadership of Ericsson’s Charging, Mediation, Activation, Catalog and Order Management solutions. Five Ways to Better 5G published recently, the latest generation mobile networks have changed the habits of those who have already had the opportunity to test them in everyday life, for example by increasing the time spent on cloud gaming platforms and in the company of augmented reality applications, decreasing the use of WiFi connections (even at home) and raising the bar of expectations regarding innovative apps and services.

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