With Android 12 you can play while you are still downloading the game

Very useful for testing very heavy titles, especially in case of slow connection

(Photo: Google)

One of the most interesting news announced yesterday by Google regarding the gaming part of Android 12 lies in the possibility of start playing a title while you are still downloading it. Not a bad opportunity especially for very demanding video games, for a test with minimal waiting.

In addition to this very practical function, the next generation mobile operating system will have one renewed dashboard for quicker and easier access to a variety of utilities such as the screen capture and video recording during the game for example dedicated to YouTubers. The platform will be made available by the end of the year on some devices and then expand to the rest of the world audience.

But from the dashboard that is more niche, the novelty that embraces the wider audience is precisely what it concerns playing games while downloading. In the gif above, created by Google, you can see how the novelty works. A game such as Touchgrind Bmx, which requires you to download a package of 127 mb: between download and installation, even with a very fast connection, you have to wait between 30 and 60 seconds.

However, with the new feature, when you are at about 20% you can already open the game and test it immediately, while the full download and installation continues in the background. According to Google, many games will open at twice the current speed. Something very useful especially if you have an old model and / or you are in an area with poor signal and you want to immediately understand whether or not it is worth continuing with the download.

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