With HYPE you can win up to € 550 in Amazon Gift Vouchers

Le HYPE prepaid cards are among the most popular and popular in the world, offering not only a reliable form of payment, but also a number of considerable benefits. In fact, it is a real digital platform that has considerably changed consumers’ approach to their money.

To make this service even more interesting, there is a competition that is unprecedented in this sector. In fact, by carrying out some steps, it is possible to participate in a competition that has as a prize up to 550 euros in Amazon Gift Vouchers.

An incredible opportunity to buy that much desired appliance or product on Amazon.co.uk that was out of your budget.

€ 550 in Amazon Gift Vouchers: how to participate in the contest

To take part in the competition it is necessary to carry out at least 3 transactions (for a total value of 50 euros) at physical or digital stores. Once the same has been done, HYPE will draw one winner per month, which will win i 500 euros as a prize.

Not only that: even those who are not lucky with these extractions can still take home an Amazon voucher. In fact, it is sufficient to carry out the aforementioned 3 transactions for 3 months in a row in order to win a Amazon gift voucher of 50 euros.

The competition, valid only for those who have had a HYPE card for at least 12 months, is just one of the many advantages associated with this card.

The ability to connect your accounts to the app, the expense analysis tool, the virtual piggy bank and many other small functions make this service interesting for any type of consumer.

The ease of paymentsi low costs and commissions transparentare other factors that have made HYPE the “queen” of prepaid cards.

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