WLAN not working? Here’s how to get it working again

Who doesn’t know it: the wifi doesn’t work; the Fritzbox is not available; the internet just doesn’t work. It’s annoying, but no reason to despair. In addition to the classic restart, we will show you other helpful tips to get you back online.

The Meeting im Homeoffice suddenly stops or the streaming service simply does not load after work – the WLAN does not work. The internet connection seems to have a problem that you want to fix quickly. We’ll answer your questions and show you how you can use these router tips and solutions to quickly restore the Internet connection and thus save your nerves.

What to do if the WLAN is not displayed

First you should check whether the WiFi is only not displayed on one device or whether it is a general problem. If only one device is affected, check the settings on it. Did you accidentally turn on airplane mode? Are you within range of the WiFi? Is your software up to date? If no problem can be found here, first turn the WLAN on and off on the device. If that doesn’t help, restart the device.

What can I do if the WiFi is not working?

If the WLAN does not work with several or all devices, you should check your router. Perhaps you – perhaps accidentally – activated a time limit in the settings in order to automatically interrupt WiFi reception at night. If this is not the case, you can check whether the network is working correctly by connecting a laptop or computer to the router using a LAN cable. If it’s wired, the problem is probably with the wireless connection. You can check the settings of the router with the connected device. If you also don’t have an internet connection via the LAN cable, you should check the cable connections on your router for loose or defective cables. If nothing helps, restart the router.

Why can’t I access the Internet even though my router is switched on?

If the WLAN and LAN connections do not work, a power failure could be the cause. You can find general network problems on pages like Netzausfall.net or Allesstören.de see. If there are no problems, try restarting the router. Make sure not to start it up again immediately after switching it off, but give it a break for a few minutes. If that doesn’t help either, your router seems to be defective. In this case, contact your network provider.

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How can I reactivate my WiFi?

If you have switched off your WiFi on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer, you can reactivate it in the respective device settings. If you have switched off your router completely, you can activate it, if available, by pressing the on / off button. If your wireless router doesn’t have a button, activate it as soon as the cable is in the socket. If you are starting your router for the first time, follow the instructions for the device and the instructions from your Internet provider.

Why does my mobile phone keep losing connection to the WiFi?

You might just be too far away from the router. In this case, you should see if the problem will be solved if you get closer to the wireless router. Through a WLANAmplifiers can be used to expand the range of your network. Helps not close, restart the smartphone first. It may also be due to the software on your phone. Besides, you can do thatsaved WiFi-Delete the network from the mobile phone and set it up again.

Another tip: if your WiFi is working but you’re not happy with the speed, you can go to pages like breitbandmessung.de check how fast the data transfer works.

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