work in progress on Facebook and Instagram

The world too Meta would be ready to sink your hands into the market for Non-Fungible Token. Meta does not arrive before others or better, but the potential it is able to put on the plate is such that it can completely upset the reference market and the players who have made it its protagonists up to now. Mark Zuckerberg, in short, has smelled the deal and does not intend to let it slip away.

Meta sniffs the NFTs

According to the Financial Times, the Menlo Park group would be ready to carry out its bet starting first from Instagram, to then probably extend the service to Facebook (and WhatsApp?). Meta could in fact allow its users to buy, sell and exhibit NFT, expanding the current marketplace to what is a digital goods market to which NFT they refer to.

The laboratory has been open for some time: since 2021 the group would be working to arrive at some announcement, but at the moment we continue to operate in the context of probabilities and Meta does not receive official confirmations in this regard. The working basis would be that wallet New (ex-Calibra) that Facebook wanted to open up to the cryptocurrency market in advance and that now could instead be the ideal home for NFTs. For Facebook, the gain could derive from the transactions recorded on the platform, which would also allow strong synergies with brands and would allow artists and creators to monetize their works more easily.

Facebook, thanks to its unique community, could displace those who have so far operated in the NFT market and make access to tokens much more “mainstream”. Whoever considers the latter to be the raw material of a new bubble, with the entry of Meta, is preparing to see what has been recorded so far swell excessively; those who believe in the possibilities of NFTs, then prepare your pages when Zuckerberg is ready for the big step: in this case great opportunities could open up.

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