Wwdc 2021, let’s take stock of all the Apple news: from iOs 15 to MacOs Monterey

Confirmed all new versions of operating systems for iPhone, iPad and Mac along with other software-side services

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Lots of news on the software side on the occasion of the event Wwdc 2021 that Apple held on the evening of Monday 7 June in live streaming. The new operating systems are official iOs 15 per iPhone, iPadOs 15 per iPad e MacOs Monterey per Mac. No hardware device was presented, despite the rumors of the last few weeks pointing to some surprises. Let’s summarize the most succulent announcements.

What’s new in iOs 15

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Numerous the new in iOs 15 (in much of it anticipated) that build on the solid foundations of iOs 14. FaceTime leverages spatial audio for superior voice quality and with FaceTime Links you can create immediate connections for a video call also to Android and Windows users, while with SharePlay you can share your favorite music, shows or movies with the interlocutor or even the screen for leisure, productivity or educational uses.

The operating system creates a extensive summary of the latest notifications with an extended area rich in more easily usable contents. Through the Focus function you can choose preset profiles to manage notifications and related priorities. Among other novelties, the possibility to create digital keys for cars or hotels in Wallet, more info (such as air quality) on Meteo and the extraction of text recognized by the photos taken, then to be pasted wherever you want. The renewed more detailed and realistic maps will arrive by the end of the year and the spotlight search is extended from photos to contacts.

The Health app adds the parameter of walking stability to control posture and risk of falling, while all the physical parameters collected can be easily shared with your doctor. With AirPods, you will take advantage of a system that makes it easier listen to the people around you (with noise cancellation) for people with minor hearing problems and an improved version of Find My. iOs 15 will arrive next autumn in public version from the first generation iPhone Se and iPhone 6s and 6s Plus to the latest iPhone 12, anticipated by the beta in July.

iPadOs 15 e MacOs Monterey

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iPadThe 15 borrows from iOs 14 the ability to freely organize widgets in the homescreen and also the app library reachable from the dock for complete customization and organization. Multitasking management redesigned with more options and gestures to move from one app to another. It is easier to take notes with a stylus thanks to Quick Notes, there is the automatic translation of a language recognized by the system and Safari also opens up to a simpler organization of the browsing session, especially thanks to groups of tags. iPadOs 15 is released immediately in beta and in the autumn in public version from iPad Mini 4 onwards, iPad 5 onwards, iPad Air 2 onwards and on all iPad Pro.

Many of the novelties of iOs 15 also land on MacOs Monterey such as FaceTime enhancements, Focus mode with profiles designed for when you work, rest or don’t want to be disturbed and even the iPadOs 15 Quick Notes notes. AirPlay arriva su Mac, while with Universal Control if two devices such as a Mac and a Pad are close together just one set of keyboard and trackpad is enough to control both, with the possibility of transferring files on the fly or passing the cursor from one to the other.

MacOs Monterey is also immediately available in beta, to be released in July. It can be installed on iMac from 2015, iMac Pro from 2017, MacBook from 2016, MacBook Air and Pro from 2015, Mac Pro from 2013 and Mac Mini from 2016.

The other news between home automation and iCloud +

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On the home automation side, you can answer the smart doorbell from Apple Watch, you can view surveillance videos on Apple TV and integrate Siri on third-party products. The HomePod Mini smart speaker will have loseless audio from Apple Music and will arrive in Italy at the end of the year.

iCloud+ adds some functions to the standard version such as a sort of vpn called Private Relay, the creation of disposable temporary email addresses for recordings with Hide my email, can connect an unlimited number of surveillance cameras and can accommodate a contact that may have access in case of death of the user owner.

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