xScreen turns the Xbox Series S into a portable console

The xScreen accessory wants to transform the Xbox Series S into a portable console by adding a removable screen with integrated speakers.

The consoles of video games living rooms are extremely powerful devices. But which, as the name suggests, requires at least one screen to function. Some might want to take advantage of it more independently, with a certain degree of mobility. There are a few solutions for previous generations. Here is today xScreen pour la Xbox Series S.

The xScreen wants to turn the Xbox Series S into a portable console

With the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo wanted to create a hybrid device that would function both as a portable console and as a home console. Naturally, compromises had to be made in terms of hardware so that the set was compact and light enough to be carried everywhere. It is also for this same reason that consoles like the Xbox Series X and S are also big.

by adding a removable screen with integrated speakers

That being said, if you like the idea of ​​being able to take a console like the Xbox with you, then you might be interested in the xScreen. This is an accessory that was just launched on Kickstarter and that you can attach to your Xbox Series S to make it a portable gaming device. The accessory has its own screen. All that’s missing is one power source to plug the Xbox Series S into, and you can play anywhere!

According to the creators of this accessory, “with the release of the Microsoft Xbox Series S, we saw the opportunity to create a very powerful portable console thanks to its compact size. The xScreen features a design that allows it to attach directly to the Xbox Series S with a removable screen and built-in speakers, to provide a laptop-like experience on a console. ”

If you are interested in the idea, know that you can already book your xScreen on the page of the Kickstarter campaign. The first deliveries are expected for January 2022 and it will cost you around € 163 (excluding delivery costs).

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