you close it like a book and take it everywhere

The foldable keyboard from MoKo is what saves your life on these holidays. On Amazon it is in promotion for only € 24.97. You take it wherever you go at a terrific price thanks to the little one discount of 4%.

Shipments are fast and free throughout the national territory.

MoKo: what you need to know about the foldable keyboard

The foldable keyboard is a product you don’t often see and yet it’s so comfortable that it should be used more. You can buy this model in gray coloring, but more importantly, you can use it with any device.

Compatibility is in fact certified on iOS, Android e Windows so you can connect it to both smartphone that ai tablet you have it PC and type madly what you want.

Once opened its surface offers you everything you might need. You will have to get used to the position of the keys, but after a couple of uses you will no longer need to look at it to write the words you want. In addition, the row of numbers from 1 to 0 is also accompanied by shortcuts that allow you to access quick functions with a simple tap.

Regarding the battery there is little to say, a single office grants him an autonomy of 40 continuous hours or 30 days of standby time. To recharge it you can use the power cable that comes in the package. Furthermore, when you have stopped using it, you should close it again so it will turn off automatically and the charge will last longer.

You can buy MoKo’s foldable keyboard for PCs and smartphones on Amazon a soli 24,97€. Buy it today and get it home in just 48 hours if you have a Prime membership. Otherwise, if you are a standard customer, shipping is free if you opt for that at the pickup points.

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