You stick it to your desk and HELLO HELLO hot

A mini table fan is a blessing on these hot days. In promotion on Amazon a soli €16,99, if you buy it, it turns your life around and makes the hours on the computer more pleasant.
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How to stay cool with minimal expense: mini fan

Not having an air conditioner at home can become uncomfortable, especially when you have to spend several hours sitting at your desk without being able to take advantage of a nice swim in the sea. Buying a mini table fan doesn’t teleport you to the beach, but it does help you cope with the most terrible heat.

With some size extremely reduced, this product comes with a plier and therefore you can stick on the edge of a table or simply place it near the computer. In both cases, stability is ensured so you don’t have to worry about it falling off. His head is capable of rotate 720 degrees. This way you can direct the air where you see fit. It also has four adjustable speeds that never create that annoying noise.

As for its autonomy, however, this has integrated one rechargeable battery from 4000 mAh. Depending on the speed you set, the autonomy can vary 3 to 11 hours. And if you need to recharge it, the USB cable allows you to connect it to one power bank, al computer same to a charger with USB dam annexed.

You can buy the mini table fan on Amazon soli €16,99. Activate the coupon to save on the purchase. Furthermore, it is a prime product and therefore if you order it today you will receive it at home as soon as 48 hours. If, on the other hand, you are not a subscriber, by choosing a delivery to the collection points you get free shipping.

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