YouTube Shorts in Italy to challenge TikTok

The path of convergence between video sharing platforms continues at a brisk pace, as evidenced by today’s debut of YouTube Shorts which also affects Italy. The name is already quite explanatory in itself to understand what it is: short-lasting clips, to give free rein to creativity in a format that is quick and immediate to use.

From today YouTube Shorts is also in Italy

I point of contact with the format proposed by competitors such as TikTok they are obvious, even if never explicit in the announcement. Today’s launch comes at the end of a first beta phase that involved users in 26 territories around the world.

Some are made available to all, in these hours editing tools like a multi-segment video camera for merging multiple video clips, the ability to record with music, speed control settings, and more. There is also the possibility of sampling the audio from the videos available on YouTube.

Today we are happy to announce the expansion of YouTube Shorts worldwide. The beta will, in fact, be released in over 100 countries in the world where YouTube is present, including Italy. We will be introducing new features as YouTube Shorts development continues in collaboration with artists and creators.

Also confirmed the debut of new features, here they are:

  • add text at specific points in the video;
  • sample the audio of other Shorts to remix them in your own creation;
  • add subtitles to your Shorts automatically;
  • record videos up to 60 seconds long with the Shorts camcorder;
  • add clips from the phone gallery into recordings made with the Shorts camcorder;
  • add basic filters to color correct short videos, waiting for more effects to be made available in the future.

In order to offer creators a vast catalog of songs to be used, the group is signing agreements with the big names in the record market: millions of songs will soon be available from over 250 labels and majors, including those of Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Sony Music Publishing, Warner Music Group and Warner Chappell Music , Believe, Merlin, Because Music, Beggars, Kobalt and other local partners such as Artist First and Just Entertainment.

In the press release that arrived in the editorial office and announces the debut of Shorts also in Italy, YouTube proudly underlines that it was the first platform to allow publication short videos: the now famous is testimony to this Me at the zoo, an 18-second clip uploaded by co-founder o Jawed Karim back in April 2005.

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