YouTube Shorts is now available in 100 countries, including Italy

They are the response of the Google platform to TikTok, just as the latter extends the maximum duration of its clips

(Photo: Unsplash)

The Shorts, the short YouTube videos that should compete with TikTok, disembark in 100 countries after a trial period in 26 states. The short-length YouTube videos were announced last year.

These videos 15 or 60 seconds at most they had been viewable by anyone for a while, but only users from a few countries could access the tools specifically designed by YouTube to create these shorts. The Google-owned company is now making these tools widely available. It is very likely that we will see more and more clips of this type, and of this duration, appear on the platform.

YouTube Shorts will arrive on Italian smartphones starting from tomorrow. Those who recently updated the app will be able to find a new button with a + at the bottom.

YouTube Shorts
Photos: short tools via YouTube

To be able to make these videos YouTube provides a multi-segment camera which also allows you to start, stop and resume shooting at different times.

You can also upload previously made movies and apply changes from the shooting screen. Before recording a video, you can choose image capture speed, which allows you to slow down or speed up playback, or select the background music from the YouTube library. 20 color filters during or after shooting the video.

The announcement of the Shorts comes at a time when TikTok has just extended the length of its videos up to 3 minutesbecoming a little more simile a YouTube. In fact, in July the short video social network par excellence revealed that it will allow its users to record videos that exceed the 60-second limit, which has brought so much success in recent years.

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